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Make memorable food experiences with Piller's. We craft delicious deli meats, sausages and snacks using traditional techniques like natural wood smoking and dry aging. With an assortment of foods and flavours made from only the finest ingredients and carefully blended spices, Piller's is the specialty meat brand for families and food lovers.

Our Craft

Flavours to Savour

We've been making delicious deli meats, sausages and European specialties for five generations. Whether it's traditional family recipes or modern flavour combinations, we use only carefully selected ingredients and spice blends to craft great tasting, quality food to be shared and savoured.

Crafted with Care

We believe that meats crafted with care taste better. That's why we're dedicated to traditional techniques. We smoke our meats over natural hardwoods and patiently dry age them to perfection for a rich aroma and mouthwatering taste.

Making Memories

We help create memorable food experiences. Whether it's school lunches, family dinners, snacks on-the-go, or easy entertaining, we have a wide assortment of foods and flavours that are perfect for every occasion.

Proud of our Past, Passionate about our Future

Our founding values- pride, passion, integrity, community- are the same values that guide us today. By crafting our specialty foods in ways that are responsible and sustainable, we stay true to that legacy and honour future generations.

Our History

It all started in 1957, when a young master butcher, Wilhelm Huber, opened a small shop in Waterloo, Ontario. Using family recipes and traditions passed down through the generations, he crafted great tasting deli meats inspired by his family’s European heritage. Two years later, his brothers Edward and Heinrich joined the company known as Piller’s Sausages and Delicatessens Limited. The company was acquired by Premium Brands Holdings Corporation in 2011 and is now known as Piller’s Fine Foods, but descendants of the three Huber brothers still work at Piller’s today, and family values remain at the heart of the business.


  • Wilhelm Huber's Immigration card.

    February 23, 1954 - The Huber family arrives in Nova Scotia from Europe.

  • Celebration

    April 1, 1957 - Wilhelm Huber & George Piller invest $500 each to purchase a small butcher shop in Waterloo, Ontario.

  • Piller's staff photo in front of the original Piller's location.

    June 1, 1957 - They quickly outgrow their space and decide to purchase a butcher shop and farm with 20 acres on the outskirts of Waterloo region. The home of Piller's Sausages & Delicatessens Ltd.

  • Heinrich, Edward and George posing with Piller's products.

    Spring 1959 - Heinrich & Edward Huber, Wilhelm's brothers, purchase George Piller's share of the business. Piller’s becomes 100% family-owned.

  • PLANT 1968

    April 1, 1968 - Expansions and renovations to become federally inspected at the Wismer facility. The first retail Piller's packaged meat was sold.

  • Pillers Building July6 003407

    1985 - Piller's adds a 65,000 square feet addition to the Wismer facility.

  • Frobisher

    1997 - Piller's purchases an 18-acre site in Waterloo on Frobisher Drive to build a new distribution center.

  • PFF Brantford

    2005 - Piller's builds a new state-of-the-art facility in Brantford, Ontario.


    September 2011 - Piller's joins Premium Brands Holding Corporation.

  • 0577 pillers 60th

    June 1, 2017 - Piller's celebrates its 60th anniversary.


    Piller’s invests $19 million to expand Brantford production facility.

Our Vision

Inspiring passion for memorable food experiences, responsibly and sustainably for future generations.

At Piller's, we strive to be a leading provider of delicious and authentic specialty foods. From promoting the development of our people and investing in local communities, we are committed to supporting our people, our partners and our neighbours. We demonstrate the utmost care for our people and maintain the highest quality of food safety standards for our products.

Our Values


We are excited about the high-quality foods we make and want to share it with our friends, families and communities.


We go above and beyond to create high-quality foods that others will enjoy.


We make decisions taking into consideration their impact on our people, our planet and Piller’s.


We understand that success means team success. We support each other and the communities we operate in.

Our People

Our people are the foundation of our business. We understand that success means team success. We support each other and the communities we operate in.

  • Piller’s is proud to have a culture that treats all employees like family. We strive to provide work life balance, competitive compensation and perks such as free coffee and food trucks for employees to enjoy.

  • We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities for team building. This year, our sales & marketing team went on a wine tour in Niagara-on-the-lake.

Safety first

Piller’s is committed to a safe work environment for our employees providing extensive PPE and cleaning protocols. We care about our people and are dedicated to providing quality food for families.

Piller’s facilities adhere to Safe Quality Food (SQF) and are SQF Level 2 certified and federally inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Our Responsibility

Piller’s is committed to building a more sustainable environment, promoting a safe and inclusive workplace, and strengthening the communities where our employees live and work.


  • We are committed to implementing programs which have a meaningful impact on the environment and will allow future generations to use the resources we all have enjoyed so far. We have dedicated teams in place to tackle issues such as climate change, water conservation and waste reduction.

  • We are always looking for ways for employees to get involved in helping the environment. Recently, we organized a day where employees go out and clean up garbage around all four of our locations.


  • We are committed to promoting a safe and inclusive workplace where every employee feels welcomed and accepted. We have partnered with OK2BME, a local community organization, to provide training and guidance on topics such as sexuality, gender identity and gender expression, rights & responsibilities, common issues for LGBTQ+ folks in the workplace, and key practices for workplace inclusion, diversity and workplace allyship.

  • We are committed to supporting local organizations that help with food insecurity, at risk youth and indigenous matters in our community. We regularly hold employee fundraisers to help raise money, as well as donate food to a variety of programs designed to reach those in need in Waterloo Region and Brant County.

Territorial Land Acknowledgement

As a part of our responsibility for creating a more responsible and sustainable future, Piller’s is committed to Reconciliation by learning more about how we can improve our relationship with the land in which we do business on. We acknowledge that our operating facilities in Waterloo and Brantford Ontario are situated on the Haldimand tract, which is the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishnaabe (Anish-nah-bay) and Haudenosaunee (Hoe-den-no-show-nee) peoples. The Haldimand tract extended for 10 km on both sides of the Grand River, from its source to Lake Erie. The Haldimand treaty was granted to the Six Nations in recognition of their loyalty to the British Crown during the American Revolution. Originally, 950,000 acres was set aside for the Haldimand Tract; today approximately 48,000 acres remain. We recognize the complexity of colonialism and the removal of Indigenous Peoples from their homes and the history that has allowed us to work and live in these communities today.

Read more about the Haldimand Proclamation and visit Six Nations Lands & Resources for more information.