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  • Competitive Salaries
  • Benefits
  • Stock Ownership

Piller’s is proud to have a culture that treats all employees like family.

Our head office is located in Waterloo and our processing facilities are in Waterloo and Brantford. We strive to provide work life balance, competitive compensation and employee perks.

Some perks include:

Company paid benefit package available upon completion of probation, company matched pension plan after one year of employment, 3 weeks vacation time after one year of employment, stock options, free coffee and offsite events.

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Summer Student Testimonials

Piller’s co-op work term provided me an excellent opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge in my chosen field. My orientation, training and colleagues were instrumental in my technical learning and overall skill development. It has been an absolute pleasure being part of the Piller’s IT department.
Piller's Fine Foods does a great job of blending there summer students in with the regular full time employees, making for a great training and learning environment. On top of this, they also make a conscious effort to make summer students feel extremely welcome through bbqs, monthly draws and special employee occasions that happen often! This makes for a great workplace that has helped me develop and grow a variety of skills that I know will come in handy at future job opportunities as well in school. Some of them being time management, teamwork and organization. Thanks Piller's for a great summer so far!
Working at Piller's Fine Foods has been an eye opening experience of the work and dedication it takes of every single team member has to ensure quality food reaches millions of people. It is a great place to learn the discipline and responsibility it takes to start your career. Piller's is a great place for both a summer and a full time job.
Piller's Fine Foods makes it their duty to maintain a safe work environment and to promote a healthy well-being for their workers through several initiatives. They have had bbqs, competitions, draws, among other occasions employees may look forward to, even during my short-time summer employment, making my experience there worthwhile. The people who work at Piller's clearly care about the health and safety of their employees which has made me realize the importance of my own safety, rights, and health-- helping me in future endeavors. In addition, working at Piller's Fine Food's has made me realize I am capable of doing hard work and sticking with it even when I find it challenging.
While working at Piller’s Fine Foods, I got more confidence in talking to other people since I underwent a job interview. I learned the importance of being on time because it reflects my character as an employee. Doing things right the first time is what I mainly learned in my stay at Piller’s. Also, I made new friends. They are very friendly and accommodating especially to newbies like me.
Working at Piller’s as a Summer Student has been an invaluable opportunity for me. I was hired by Piller’s last summer, and I became part of a team that was both professional to work with and enjoyable to be around. Piller’s has given me practical work experience to prepare for my future career, as well as a reliable way to fund my education. I am very happy to be back this summer, and I would highly recommend Piller’s as an employer to any university student.