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Find holiday inspiration. Here are our 12 favourite ideas for fun and festive entertaining.

Party with Charcuterie Cocktails

These Charcuterie Cocktails will be the hit of the party! Made with delicious salami, cheese, breadsticks and more.

Find the recipe here:

Make an amazing Antipasto Wreath

Feeding a crowd is easy and impressive with an Antipasto Wreath. All you need are some skewers, our Kolbassa and pre-sliced Charcuterie meats, along with some colourful vegetables and cheeses.

View the full recipe here: Antipasto Wreath

Build a Charcu-Tree

'Tis the season to be tasty. This insta-worthy Christmas Tree charcuterie board will be a hit with your friends or family. Made with delicious salami, kolbassa, prosciutto and more.

View the recipe here: The Charcu-Tree

Wow with Festive Jarcuterie

Get creative and turn your charcuterie boards into Festive Jarcuterie! With a delicious mix of salami, cheese, nuts and more these jars are perfect for entertaining, as a snack for your kids or a recipe for your Pinterest board.

Get the full recipe here: Festive Jarcuterie

Make Festive Salami Trees

These small, fun, and tasty appetizers are perfect for the holiday season.

Get the recipe here:

Build the Ultimate Charcuterie Board

Savour the season. Our Charcuterie meats are pre-sliced and perfect for holiday entertaining. Just add cheese, crisp crackers, and fresh fruit. Add a holiday touch with rosemary and festive ribbon for the Ultimate Charcuterie Board

View the full recipe here: Ultimate Holiday Charcuterie Board

Make a Signature Holiday Cocktail or Mocktail

This holiday sangria will be a party hit. Replace the wine and brandy with extra fruit juice or non-alcoholic wine for a festive mocktail. Let ingredients sit for at least an hour before serving.

Red or white wine, cranberry juice, brandy, ginger ale, spices (cinnamon stick, star anise) sweetener (sugar, honey or maple syrup) and garnishes like orange, cranberries and rosemary.

Impress Guests with Delicious Prosciutto and Pear Flatbread

Impress your guests with this delicious holiday appetizer. Speck prosciutto, pear and pesto baked together make for a mouthwatering flatbread suited for your holiday party. Pair with a light Pinot Grigio wine.

Find the full recipe here: Prosciutto and Pear Flatbread

Make Mini Charcuterie Plates that Everyone Will Love

Give everyone what they want. Top small plates with our Kolbassa and pre-sliced Charcuterie meats, along with crackers, cheese, fruit and other tasty treats. These mini plates make sharing easy.

Get the full recipe here: Mini Charcuterie Plates

Build These Deliciously Fun Kids Snack Crafts

Build these deliciously fun snack crafts with your kids! Bring in the holidays with salami and cheese snowflakes or the ham and cheese snowman. Other ideas include building a "Charcuterie Chalet" along with your favourite ginger bread house.

View full recipes here: Salami & Cheese Snowflakes, The Ham & Cheese Snowman

Stocking Stuffers Ideas

For those family members who prefer savoury over sweet, our shelf stable salami snacks make for great stocking stuffers.

European Inspired Meat Snacks: Enjoy the tastes of Europe at home. Our meat snacks are the perfect afternoon or evening snack.

Salami Whips & Chips: They're the ideal snack for the protein seeker on-the-go. With no refrigeration required these snacks can be taken along anywhere life takes you!

Have a Charcuterie Wine Pairings Night

Have a charcuterie wine pairing night with your friends! A few of our suggestions include:

Old Forest Salami:
Merlot, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel

Caliente salami: Riesling, Rose, Cava

Salami D'Amour: Cabernet, Chianti, Shiraz, Malbec, Prosecco, Oaked Chardonnay

View our charcuterie recipes here: Charcuterie