Charcuterie Entertaining Board

Prepare a stunning array of charcuterie and complementary accompaniments that will delight your guests.


Artisan Meats: Piller's Charcuterie Cervelat Salami slices
Piller's Charcuterie Speck Prosciutto slices
Piller's Turkey Bites sausage sticks
Piller's Pepperoni Minis
Piller's Hungarian Sausage, sliced
Piller's Chorizo, cut in 1 cm (½-in.) slices
Piller's Fine Liverwurst with Herbs
Crudités: assorted pickles
assorted sliced fruit (figs, pears)
Condiments: grainy Dijon mustard
honey or honeycomb
specialty jam or chutney

Arrange a selection of Piller’s artisan meats and crudités on a beautiful platter for an inviting presentation. Pair with an array of specialty breads and crackers, and your favourite sweet and savoury treats to complement the flavours, like pickles, fruits, and condiments.