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Environmental Responsibility

  • We’re proud to be named a 2022 Canadian Grocer Impact Award winner in the sustainability category for our accomplishments in landfill diversion, water savings, natural gas reduction, and electricity savings.

    The positive results we’ve realized from programs implemented demonstrate what’s possible when we work together toward common goals and challenge ourselves to be better. We recognize the importance of supporting the advancement of a sustainable food system in Canada and look forward to implementing more sustainable solutions in the years ahead.

  • Thank you to the Region of Waterloo for recognizing our team’s efforts at our Waterloo facility.

    Water conservation is an important part of Piller’s ESG initiatives. We are committed to implementing programs which have a meaningful impact on the environment and will allow future generations to use the resources we all have enjoyed so far.

    Since implementing our new water conservation program, we have reduced our annual freshwater usage by 21%, or 30,755 m3 per year.

  • We are continuously sharing with our employees ways in which they can make more sustainable choices at work and at home. Recently, Piller's gifted employees with plant seeds for Earth Day. There are multiple seeds included so they can grow a lush garden of colourful wildflowers that will benefit important pollinators. The card stock is 100% recycled paper and the inside wrapping to protect the seeds is plant-based and compostable.

  • We have signed on with Everest Environmental Group Inc., a creative group of environmental programmers who develop effective sustainability management plans. They are dedicated to helping Piller's capture 100% of all recyclables and diverting them from landfill. They manage any waste material, organize staff training, MOE compliant waste audits and waste reduction work plans, hazardous waste handling, waste water treatment, secure product destruction, and offer several waste to energy solutions.

Social Responsibility

  • We are committed to promoting a safe and inclusive workplace where every employee feels welcomed and accepted. We have partnered with OK2BME, a local community organization, to provide training and guidance on topics such as sexuality, gender identity and gender expression, rights & responsibilities, common issues for LGBTQ+ folks in the workplace, and key practices for workplace inclusion, diversity and workplace allyship.

  • We are committed to supporting local organizations that help at risk youth within our community. We regularly hold employee fundraisers to help raise money, as well as donate food to a variety of programs designed to reach those in need in Waterloo Region and Brant County.

Territorial Land Acknowledgement

As a part of our responsibility for creating a more responsible and sustainable future, Piller’s is committed to Reconciliation by learning more about how we can improve our relationship with the land in which we do business on.

We acknowledge that our operating facilities in Waterloo and Brantford Ontario are situated on the Haldimand tract, which is the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishnaabe (Anish-nah-bay) and Haudenosaunee (Hoe-den-no-show-nee) peoples.

The Haldimand tract extended for 10 km on both sides of the Grand River, from its source to Lake Erie. The Haldimand treaty was granted to the Six Nations in recognition of their loyalty to the British Crown during the American Revolution. Originally, 950,000 acres was set aside for the Haldimand Tract; today approximately 48,000 acres remain.

Read more about the Haldimand Proclamation and visit Six Nations Lands & Resources for more information.

We recognize the complexity of colonialism and the removal of Indigenous Peoples from their homes and the history that has allowed us to work and live in these communities today.