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Define "Natural Food".

The use of the term “natural” for food ingredients is defined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Natural food products are those containing no artificial flavouring agents or additives, with no significant processing of ingredients.


"I am a German living in Canada and I must tell you, your European sandwich meats are the best on the market. I have been trying others in Canada and they are not even coming close to your products when it comes to taste, price and quality. Keep up the good work!"

- Roland

Huber Brothers - Edward, Wilhelm and Heinrich

A Proud Heritage

It all started in 1957, when a young master butcher, Wilhelm Huber, opened a small shop in Waterloo, Ontario. Using family recipes, and traditional meat processing methods passed down through the generations, he crafted great tasting deli meats inspired by his family’s European heritage. Two years later, his brothers Edward and Heinrich joined the company which became Piller’s Sausages and Delicatessens Limited.

From those humble beginnings, Piller’s has become one of North America’s largest producers of European sausages and deli meats, known for quality products such as Black Forest ham, air-dried salamis and meat snacks. To this day, after five generations of master butchers, Piller’s still uses the same natural aging, curing, and natural hardwood smoking process that had customers lining up outside Wilhelm Huber’s butcher shop over sixty years ago.


The company was acquired by Premium Brands Holdings Corporation in 2011 and is now known as Piller’s Fine Foods, but descendants of the three Huber brothers still work at Piller’s today, and family values remain at the heart of the business.

Foodservice Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in the Foodservice industry, Piller’s has become an expert at working with companies to deliver a positive customer-supplier experience.

We know what matters to you and your customers, and we have what it takes to deliver what you need. Piller’s is committed to:

•  Food safety and quality control
•  A collaborative, responsive, and nimble approach to R&D and innovation 
•  Strong supply chain management 
•  Transparent formulated costing 

Product Features & Benefits

Piller’s is the Foodservice expert in the multiple product categories – including but not limited to: meat snacks, sliced meats, and Charcuterie. Our products have several value-added features that translate into benefits for your customers.

Because we recognize that many of your customers have food allergies and sensitivities, almost all Piller’s products are free of all major food allergens (Gluten, Milk, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Mustard, Sesame, Egg, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, Sulphites), and do not contain MSG, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Sliced Meats

• Product lines that are High Pressure Pasteurized (HPP) for added shelf life
• Interleaved products for portion control and efficient operator use
• Sodium reduced options 

Meat Snacks 

• Many product formats and varieties 
• Unique Piller’s Salami Whips are versatile for snacking, bar, and charcuterie applications 


• Piller’s is the expert in dry-cured, premium salamis and specialty hams 
• Variety packs and shaped offerings  

Proven Control Label Success

Piller’s has proven success with many national Foodservice operators. We understand our responsibility to grow and protect your brand!

We are open and committed to exploring new viable Control Label opportunities. Please contact us for more information.  

Contact Us:

Contact Us: 
Dave Burton 
Sales Manager – Piller’s Foodservice 
Phone: 905-730-1389
Email: daveburton@pillers.com

  • Riverwood Sales (Western Canada) Phone: 604-876-5688 
  • Superior Product Solutions (Ontario) Email: rodrick.prieur@gmail.com 

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Piller's Fine Foods, Brantford

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Golden Valley Farms, Arthur (joint venture)

50 Wells St. Arthur, Ontario N0G 1A0